11 Mar 2016 Iolite has been called a “Viking stone” and may have been used as a crystal “ compass” as it creates a connection to the knowledge of directions 


Namnet "iolite" kommer från det grekiska ordet för violett. Iolite sunstone-betydelse och metafysiska egenskaper fördelar kombinerar både egenskaperna hos Iolite och Sunstone. Sunstone betyder: Viking, regnbågsgaller, svart kristall.

Iolite has different colours in different directions in the crystal. A cube cut from iolite will look a more or less violet blue, almost like sapphire, from one side, clear as water from the other. Iolite – Zodiac Stone for Aries. There is no zodiac sign associated with this stone, though Pisces will be calmed by its lively colors, and it will help Aries to think more creatively. [Megemont, 96] Iolite Amulets and Talismans. Iolite is used as an amulet to guide travelers safely home.

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Edith Ring White Diamonds  According to legend, iolite is called the Viking Compass Stone. It’s said that thin slices of iolite served as glare-reducers and polarizing filters that helped ancient Viking navigators locate the sun on cloudy days. This allowed the Nordic mariners to pinpoint their own location on the seas. Iolite, known as the Vikings' compass, due to it's ability to determine the direction of the sun on overcast days. When the legendary Viking mariners sailed the wide ocean, they used thin pieces of iolite as the world's first polarizing filter. In legends, ancient Viking navigators used thin slices of iolite as filters to help locate the sun on cloudy days. Whether or not the tales are true, iolite (mineralogists call it cordierite) can be fashioned into beautiful gems.

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It’s also known as the Water Sapphire, or the Stone of the Muses, because of its ability to unlock visions and unleash creativity. Vikings are believed to have used this crystal to guide their way on clouded days. Iolite has been nicknamed “the Viking Stone” and “Viking Compass stone”.

Iolite viking stone

The Viking mariners used thin pieces of iolite as the world's first polarizing filter. Looking through an iolite lens, they could determine the exact position of the sun  

Iolite are stones of vision, used to aid you with journeys out of the body. Their energy will aid the process of connecting with angels, and will take you to a higher level spiritually. Iolite used to be called the Viking Compass Stone.

Iolite viking stone

Iolite aka "Viking Stone" aka "Water Sapphire" Some of my deepest moments of Intuition stem from Iolite.
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The Vikings often highlighted rune stone engravings with red paint.

Looking through an Iolite lens, they could determine the exact location of the sun and navigate safely to the New World and back.
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The stone is inscribed with Allah. Viking ring with engraved glass. Known as the gemstone of the Vikings, Iolite was used by Norse and Viking explorers.

Notes: Also known as Water Sapphire, Cordierite, and Viking's  23 Feb 2021 Also called the "gem of the Vikings," is a liquid violet-blue stone, similar to tanzanite and sapphire in that they all share a bluish tone. 30,000.

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Iolite is a vision stone. It clears thought forms, opening intuition. Aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction. Helps you to express your true self, free from the expectations of others. Iolite releases discord within relationships. It encourages taking responsibility for yourself, overcoming codependency within your partnership.

It grows with sunstone, and my guides are screaming at me to just write "power of the mind." Cordierite or iolite is a magnesium iron aluminium cyclosilicate.Iron is almost always present and a solid solution exists between Mg-rich cordierite and Fe-rich sekaninaite with a series formula: (Mg,Fe) 2 Al 3 (Si 5 Al O 18) to (Fe,Mg) 2 Al 3 (Si 5 Al O 18). A high-temperature polymorph exists, indialite, which is isostructural with beryl and has a random distribution of Al in the (Si,Al) 6 Iolite opens the third eye and allows for creative visions to take place.

The word "iolite" derives from the Greek word for "purple", but the stone has also been called water-saphire and viking compas as it was previously used to 

The Vikings made iolite's pleochroism a virtue by using thin slices of the stone as a light polarizer to navigate their trips. By observing the sky through iolites, the Viking navigators were able to locate the exact position of the sun on overcast days. Iolite opens the third eye and allows for creative visions to take place. Use Iolite for meditation or for any spiritual practice that you have. What is a good mantra to use with Iolite? “I am connected to my muse and in service to my vision.” Iolite FUN FACT Iolite was used by the Vikings to reduce glare when checking the sun’s position. HARMONIZE Iolite Stone Carved Angel Psychic Spiritual Gift Guardian Reiki Healing Crystal.

The vikings  The stone was once known as the Viking compass because it can determine the direction of the sun on overcast days. When Leif Eriksson and the other legendary  Iolite was first know by Vikings who used it for navigations purposes. This stone posses wonderful property to have different colors at different angle of view. Iolite is also known as 'the Viking stone' because according to Norse legend, Vikings used iolite as a polarizing filter to help them find the sun on cloudy days.